Singapore Marathon – December 2007


Jeremy’s older brother Simon and his fiancée Aileen competed in the Singapore Marathon and Half Marathon events in December 2007. With temperatures of 30 degrees C, high humidity, a cloud-free sky and not a breath of wind, they described the conditions as ‘brutally tough’. Simon suffered badly from cramp during the second half of the race. He said that in these latter stages, “people were dropping out like flies around me, so there was little to inspire me to keep going apart from my iPod. It was like a war-zone”. However, “two pee stops and about 5000 drinks later”, he was pleased to finish in a respectable 4 hours 22 minutes, 1195th out of almost 10,000 athletes.

Aileen admits to having trained more than Simon. She said that in her race, she “consciously held back for the first ten miles”, but for the last 5 kms, “the sun was up. It was tough going, but I just concentrated on picking off people ahead of me and using them as hares.” She did this with great success and finished in 1 hour 49 minutes, the 26th woman to finish out of 2,000 entries. Jeremy would certainly have been really proud of their achievements.

Through their efforts, Simon and Aileen raised almost £3,000 for the JWCT. The money will help the charity support athletes, both able-bodied and disabled, in realising their ambitions.


JWCT nominated as school charity of the year - November 2007

  The pupils at Maidstone Grammar School (MGS) kindly selected the JWCT as their nominated charity during their Charities Week in November 2007, donating essential funds to help the JWCT. A cheque for £2,000, raised from numerous activities and events, was presented at a school assembly on 26 November 2007 to Jeremy’s parents Nick and Tricia, by Prefect, Dan Harnett. The headmaster, Neil Turrell, spoke about his memories of Jeremy. Nick thanked the staff and pupils for the fantastic donation and adding that Jeremy and his three brothers had all benefitted greatly from their years at MGS. He encouraged the pupils to do something worthwhile in their gap year or long school holiday as Jeremy had, and emphasised that it would give the Willson family great pleasure to be able to support a pupil from the school in the future. Click here for newspaper report in the Kent Messenger.

Amsterdam Half Marathon - October 2007


Friends of Jeremy, Tim & Helen Davies, ran the Amsterdam Half Marathon to raise funds for the JWCT in October. As Tim said “Despite a gloomy start to the weekend, having watched England stumble on Trafalgar Day weekend to an apparently more worthy South African opponent in the World Cup final . . . Sunday started with what can only be described for Holland as a pleasant albeit somewhat cold day.”

Tim finished in 1 hour 38 mins, followed shortly by Helen in 1 hour 49 mins, an impressive personal best time after springing back from injury at the eleventh hour. In the process they managed to raise an impressive £1,115 with sponsorship from more than six countries around the globe. As Helen said “We'll keep on running for Jeremy, I have to say I thought of him many times during the run, especially the hardest bits, his voice (shouting encouragement) kept popping into my head and got me through it.”


London Marathon - April 2007


Steve Throssell pushed himself to the limit in April 2007 by running in the London Marathon, in the process raising a fantastic £275 for the JWCT’s activities. Steve said “Having already run three marathons including this one twice before, I knew what I was letting myself in for as I lined up on Blackheath. However, this didn’t keep the nerves at bay as the temperature was steadily rising and I had been taken out by a virus just a few weeks before which set my training back and prevented me completing the most important long training runs.

Despite these pre-race nerves, I managed to complete the course in 3 hours 9 mins. It wasn’t easy though and to do this event requires a lot of hard work and dedication over many months. The rewards at the end of it are definitely worth it though and if you have the ability to dedicate yourself to something challenging I would recommend this in a heartbeat!”



Bendonsport Women's Triathlon, New Zealand – January 2007


Kate Gallop raised almost £300 for the JWCT in her first ever triathlon, cheered on by partner Scott and daughter Daisy at Pilot Bay, Mount Maunganui. Kate said “To cross the finish line will take strength, commitment, endurance and a sense of both adventure and humour - traits which Jeremy possessed in abundance.” She added “I can't think of a better way to celebrate Jez's life. He would have been the first person to laugh as I try and gracefully exit my wetsuit and find my bike amongst hundreds…”


Detroit Half Marathon, USA - October 2006

Rhiannon Martin (pictured far left) completed the Detroit Half Marathon in October raising an impressive £700 for the JWCT. Rhiannon is now thinking about completing a full marathon next year!


Three Peaks Challenge, UK - September 2006

A team from London Zoo undertook the Three Peaks Challenge in September, an attempt to climb the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon) in under 24 hours, including travel time. Matt Willson, Melissa Lewis, Melody Fears, Lucy Cannock and Henry Churchill (with invaluable logistical support from Mandy Lee and Stella Kondylas) made a speedy climb of Scotland’s highest peak, however England’s highest was tough thanks to the thick mist, horizontal rain and it being the middle of the night! Due to the late arrival at the final peak the team were not able to complete the challenge however Matt and Melissa went on to climb Snowdon, raising the flag for the rest of the team in just under 28 hours. The team raised almost £2,000!

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