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Amphibian & reptile research, Sri Lanka - 2007Knuckles

Project Knuckles is a scientific study to investigate and assess the status of amphibians, reptiles and their habitats in the Knuckles Mountain Range, Sri Lanka.

Following the success of three previous expeditions, this project will investigate the status of amphibians with focus on relict and endemic species. The data gained will be used to formulate conservation strategies and Species Action Plans. The JWCT provided 500 in June 2007 for the purchase of directional sound recording equipment to enhance frog identification and allow population densities to be approximated. The project team will consist of Alexander Fullbrook, Suraj Goonewardene, Rebecca McKintosh and Jonathan Mutch.

The Knuckles Mountain Range displays the highest number of different climatic and vegetation zones in any area in the country. The vegetation type of utmost interest to the expedition is the upper montane cloud forest, considered the most endangered ecosystem on the island. Here a diurnal layer of fog engulfs the forest, keeping it cool, wet and dark - quite unlike any other location in the country.


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