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Auklet conservation research, Farallon Islands, USA - 2009Auklet conservation

Hannah Watson, of the University of Bangor, is conducting auklet conservation research and monitoring on the Farallon Islands, a group of islands and rocks found in the Gulf of the Farallones, off the coast of San Francisco, 27 miles (43 km) outside the Golden Gate. Auklets are black-and-white short-necked web-footed diving birds.

Hannah (pictured with a rhinoceros auklet) explained “we monitor auklets [a small seabird] breeding in nest boxes across the island to understand reproductive success and how it varies with age, as well as monitoring what adults are feeding their chicks, which provides a wealth of information on productivity within the ocean.

Hannah, who has learnt many new field techniques and a great deal about bird behaviour and reproductive strategies, was awarded 250 by the JWCT in May 2009.


September 2009

“Please find attached my report . . . in relation to the biological research I conducted this summer on the Farallon Islands with the kind support of the [JWCT].”Report

July 2009

“Work and life here on the Farallon Islands is quietening down as the seabird breeding season is tailing off. Sadly, it has not been a very productive year for many birds; while it is a little early to say for sure, it seems that the fish populations in surrounding waters are inadequate to sustain birds and their chicks this year. It reinforces the significance of the research we are conducting here and what we are learning not just about birds, but about the entire marine ecosystem and the effects of environmental changes within these systems. I shall, of course, shed more light on this in the report which I will be writing following completion of the season.”

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