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Fencer, Jenny McGeeverJenny

Jenny McGeever, is a young fencer from Tiverton, Devon, has previously been Under-17 National Champion in 2007, Under-18 British Youth Champion in 2008 and Under-20 National Champion in 2009. She started fencing in 2004 when she was asked if she wanted to compete in Modern Pentathlon competitions, however fencing was the discipline she enjoyed the most. She spends the spare time she has helping raise funds at her club, the Wellington Swords, for young fencers.

Jenny, following announcement of a 500 grant in April 2010 from the JWCT commented on her sport and the funding: “In fencing, everything relies on you being able to read your opponent's moves and out-manoeuvre them and it is often described as physical chess! At an international level, each country has their individual styles so the more people you fence the more you learn. There are also two types of epee grips - the pistol which is used by the vast majority of fencers and the pommel which is used by some fencers especially in France and some Asian countries. Fencing the Junior World Cup circuit, you rarely come up against a pommeller but when you do, it requires completely different tactics. So I am going to use my grant to travel to France and train and compete against pommellers so that I can fine-tune my fencing skills against such opponents.”

Jenny has been selected for the British team for the Junior World Fencing Championships in Baku in April 2010 for both the individual and team events, having achieved one L16, two L32 and two L64 at Junior World Cup events in the 2009/10 season.

Jenny fences will also be competing in the Under-23 European Fencing Championships in Gdansk at the end of April 2010.


April 2010

“I am just back from Gdansk where I came 13th in the U23 European Championships. It was a great experience fencing in this higher age group.”

April 2010

“I thought I would update you on my recent experiences in Baku at the Junior World Champtionships. I was extremely pleased with my performance in the poule winning all 6 bouts including two I had not expected to win against more experienced fencers. After the poules, I was ranked fifth and had a bye into the L64.

I felt confident going into the L54 DE fight but came up against a Japanese girl who used a pommel handle. This exposed my lack of experience of both Asian fencers and their style and those that use a pommel handle and I lost the fight 10-15. I was extremely disappointed and the Japanese girl went on to win against a Korean in the L32.

In the last 16, I watched the French girl Lauren Rembli beat the Japanese girl 15-4 and learnt a lot from the tactics she used. It is my intention to attend a fencing camp in France over the summer where I will have the opportunity to fence a good number of people who use a pommel handle as you very rarely come across this in the UK.

The money you have given me will be used to help with the costs of attending the fencing camp which will, hopefully, mean that I can develop my knowledge and tactical skills so that I know how to deal with fencers using a pommel handle. I am also using my Level 2 coaching qualification so that I can offer my new-found skills to others.”

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