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Geological research in the Neuquén Basin, Argentina – July 2008 Aisha Al-Suwaidi

Aisha Al-Suwaidi, a postgraduate student at the University of Oxford, is conducting a research project entitled 'Geochemical and Sedimentological Characterisation of the Early Toarcian (Jurassic) Ocean Anoxic Event in the Neuquén Basin, Argentina'. The fieldwork will take her to a remote part of northern Patagonia, Argentina.

In April 2008 Aisha was provided with a grant of £1,000 towards her research project fieldwork in Patagonia, an area characterised by sandstones, mudstones, and limestones laced with marine fossils. The funding has been provided through the Geological Society of London, a partner organisation of the JWCT. The funds will contribute to travel, accommodation, food and supplies costs. Aisha hopes to publish peer-reviewed papers describing her work.


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