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Cave expedition to Steinbrückenhöhle, Austria – July-August 2008 Cambridge Cave expedition

The Cambridge Cave Science Expedition plans to maintain and expand a microclimate research system established in 2007, to record microclimatic conditions in Steinbrückenhöhle, Austria.

The expedition team will retrieve a year-long dataset recorded by thermistors which were left in the cave at the end of last summer, recording once every hour. This dataset will allow the extension of understanding gained regarding the dynamics of temperature cyclicities in Steinbrückenhöhle to longer periodicities, and observe seasonal effects. The team has been given a grant of £1,000 in March 2008 from the Royal Geographical Society’s Jeremy Willson Award, funded by the JWCT.

A documentary is planned exploring the planning and execution of a major expedition to paint a picture of expedition life and trials and triumphs of venturing into the unknown. The film will be an accessible introduction to modern cave exploration and techniques, as well as a depiction of the social landscape of a caving expedition.


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