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Specialist dinghy for disabled young sailors Dinghy

Stubbers Adventure Centre is a charitable organisation and outdoor adventure centre in Upminster, Essex, which provides adventurous opportunities for disabled, disadvantaged and able-bodied youngsters.


April 2008      

The JWCT contributed 3,305 to Stubbers Adventure Centre in April 2008 to pay for the full costs of an Access 303 Wide sailing dinghy.

The dinghy is specifically designed for use by disabled sailors who are unable to use standard fit sailing dinghies. It has a ballast centerboard, is steered with a joystick, and has a self tacking jib. The ease of operation brings the thrills and pleasures of sailing to those with a broad spectrum of disabilities. The ballast means it cannot capsize, and is self righting if knocked down in a violent gust.

The dinghy is able to be sailed by two people thus making them ideal for volunteers to co-sail with sailors requiring support.

The Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust
a charity registered in England and Wales. No. 1114871