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Volcanoes research, Kerlingarfjöll, Iceland - 2010Volcano

A team from Queen Mary University of London intend to conduct glacier research in Kerlingarfjöll, in central Iceland, an actively volcanic mountain range which is overlain by many small glaciers. The team will investigate the rate of melt and the history of the glaciers - the 1,477 metre high area was formerly known for its summer ski resort, but this was dismantled in 2000 because of the retreating glaciers. This study will provide vital information for local tourism but also for scientists who are investigating the changing climate’s visible affects on glaciers.

The JWCT provided £1,000 co-funding in May 2010 as part of the Royal Geographical Society’s Geographical Fieldwork Grants program.

Ricky Stevens, the expedition leader, previously travelled to Iceland as part of the Learning and Leading Fieldwork Apprenticeship Scheme, awarded by the RGS. Ricky said “I still cannot believe that we have been supported by people like the RGS and [the JWCT]. It is something which I still cannot get my head around and it sort of makes me upset in a good way that there are people out there whose financial support and belief, is helping me to realise my future ambitions of leading expeditions and hopefully one day becoming a lecturer. I can honestly say that without your support, there is no way that I would have been able to travel to Iceland this summer and for that I cannot thank you enough!

Ricky will join fellow students Richard Bailey and Jonathan Wheatland in Iceland from July to September 2010.

More information on the expedition can be found at www.kerlingarfjoll2010.co.uk.


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