Jeremy Willson was born on 20 July 1975 in Maidstone, Kent to parents Nick and Tricia. He had a very happy childhood along with his three brothers Simon, Matt and Tom, and led an incredibly active and fulfilling life, including living in Indonesia, the Netherlands and the US, and developing an exciting career as a geologist.

Jeremy sadly died of new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD) in March 2006. Jeremy was extremely unlucky. To date, only about 160 people are known to have contracted vCJD worldwide. He was reduced from the incredibly active, outgoing and successful person he was to a state in which he lost his ability to walk, remember, eat, co-ordinate, speak and do those things that we all take for granted.

Jeremy grabbed life in both hands and achieved more in his short 30 years than most would expect to do in a whole lifetime. He inspired and encouraged others to achieve things they did not think they were able to do.

The Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust (JWCT) has been set up so that Jeremy can continue to have a positive impact, in a small way, on other people's lives.

The following photo galleries show aspects of Jeremy's adventurous life. Click on a picture.

mily life

Running for

Teaching English in Indonesia

Studying at Bristol University

Geological Expedition to Argentina

Working as a geologist for Shell

Life in Houston


Exploring the volcanoes and coasts of Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Exploring Thailand’s forests and coasts

Winter mountaineering in the French Alps

Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada

Jeremy's Last Climb - Mt Hood, USA



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