Opening of Jeremy’s Room at home-from-home for families of children with cancer
September 2010

Jeremy's Room


Jeremy now has a room named after him at a residence in London which enables whole families to stay together when the unimaginable happens and a child is diagnosed with cancer.

Paul’s House, in north-west London, is part of CLIC Sargent’s Home from Home service which offers families free self-catering accommodation close to paediatric oncology centres. CLIC Sargent have eight homes around the UK and Paul's House has become the ninth. The House gives families a place to spend quiet periods together away from the confines of the busy hospital ward and enables them to maintain a sense of normality. As such parents no longer need to worry about being separated from their other children or about travelling a long way with their ill child.

The House gives families their own much needed space and incorporates shared, well-equipped facilities including kitchens, laundries, sitting rooms, play rooms and teenage games rooms.

The Willson family attended the official opening of Paul’s House on 28 September 2010, including the unveiling of ‘Jeremy’s Room’ which includes photographs of some of Jeremy’s adventures mounted as canvas prints on the walls of the room.

The room has been funded by True Colours Trust with the naming idea proposed by Lucy Sainsbury, a trustee of the Trust and a good friend of Jeremy.


Launch of specialist sailing dinghy for disabled people
June 2009


The Willson Family visited Stubbers Adventure Centre in Upminster, Essex to see the Access 303 Wide sailing dinghy funded by the JWCT, being used by some disabled youngsters from the Ab Phab Group of Barking & Dagenham on 14 June. The dinghy is specially designed to be sailed by individuals who are wheelchair bound and is almost impossible to capsize. Everything on the boat, including the rudder, daggerboard, and sails can be controlled by someone sitting at the back of the boat. After a formal handing over by Nick (Jeremy’s father) to Stubbers Centre Manager, Bob Edwards, the family watched the dinghy, named The Jeremy Willson, being used by a youngster. Nick said “it was fantastic to see the joy on the face of the disabled lad using the boat.” Bob Edwards added that “The Jeremy Willson will bring much enjoyment to youngsters that haven’t had that level of independence on the water before.”

At over £3,000, this was the largest grant the JWCT has made to date, however everyone agreed that it was a good investment of funds. The family would like to thank Bob Edwards and his staff for making them so welcome at this inspirational adventure centre, which caters for a multitude of activities.


Stone memorial bench installed on Dorset coast
May 2009

On 17 May, 27 of Jeremy’s family and friends attended the official opening of a stone bench inscribed with Jeremy’s name, on the Dorset coast between Weymouth and Lulworth Cove. The bench is located at White Nothe, a headland with magnificent views where Jeremy’s ashes were scattered, and made from locally quarried Purbeck Stone. The family have visited the headland many times over the year and decided that they would like to place something in Jeremy’s memory in the area. The weather was truly wild with high wind speeds battering all those who had made the journey to the exposed point, however the sun did finally come out at the end of the proceedings. The Willson Family hope that Jeremy’s friends, including those in distant parts of the world, will one day be able to visit the spot and remember Jeremy.

The Willson Family would like to thank all those who joined them for the informal ceremony despite the dramatic weather conditions and those who made the bench possible, including the Lulworth Trust and Alan Wolsey, who managed the construction and installation of the bench.


Award of the Jeremy Willson Trophy
April 2009


Nick and Tricia Willson, Jeremy’s parents, attended Medway & Maidstone Athletics Club’s AGM at the Maidstone Leisure Centre on 17 April 2009. The Jeremy Willson Trophy, awarded annually to the best Winter athlete, was presented by Nick to Pat Curran (right, in photograph) in recognition of many successful years of running with the Club. David Gambrill, who donated the Cup to the Club, was also present. Nick commented that “we are really pleased to be able to recognise Kent athletes at Jeremy’s old club through the award of this magnificent trophy.”

Adrian Lowther, the club’s Men’s Winter Manager, described Pat on the evening as “an athlete who has performed at the highest level for many years and is regular in county teams. He's a massive team player and the evidence of all team events for the past ten years proves this - he's barely ever missing . . . This winter he proved that you can achieve great things with consistent hard work. Despite not being at the height of his powers he managed to pick up second place overall in the Kent Cross League - something which is not easy. I think this award goes a long way to recognising his consistency not only this winter but over many years of racing with his heart on his sleeve.”


Award of the Jeremy Willson Trophy
April 2008


Mike Coleman (right, in photograph), a high-performing cross-country athlete, was awarded with the Jeremy Willson Trophy at Medway & Maidstone Athletics Club. The trophy is awarded annually to the best Winter athlete.

The trophy was presented to Mike at Medway and Maidstone Athletics Club’s AGM on 4 April 2008 by David Gambrill, Jeremy’s godfather, who has donated this magnificent trophy.


The annual Jeremy Willson Trophy for cross country running


The Jeremy Willson Trophy (right) has been kindly donated by David Gambrill with support from Chris Bowman. The trophy will be awarded annually to an athlete at the Medway & Maidstone Athletics Club for best cross country performance.

The trophy was first presented at the MMAC’s Annual General Meeting on 13 April 2007.

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Tree planted in California wilderness in Jeremy's name


Rich and Patti Sears kindly arranged for a living tree to be planted in memory of Jeremy as part of the Sempervirens Fund’s tree planting program. The Sempervirens Fund is a nonprofit land conservancy dedicated to the purchase and protection of redwood forests in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains. In recent years, members’ support has helped Sempervirens Fund purchase thousands of wildlands that are now preserved as parkland for all to enjoy.

Contributions to Sempervirens Fund help fund land preservation efforts and create a legacy of redwood parklands for future generations. Visit for more information.


Award of the Jeremy Willson Trophy
April 2007

Barry Royden 


Barry Royden (right, in photograph), who has dominated cross-country running in Kent for many years and has won national honours, was chosen as the first recipient of the Jeremy Willson Trophy. The trophy is awarded annually to an athlete in the south-east region for best cross country performance.

The trophy was presented to Barry at Medway and Maidstone Athletics Club’s AGM at Black Lion on 13 April 2007 by Jeremy’s father Nick Willson. The impressive trophy was generously donated by David Gambrill, who was Jeremy’s godfather.

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